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1. Charging Station Emergencies

EV fire blankets are invaluable at charging stations. In situations where a charging-related fire occurs, these blankets can be swiftly deployed to contain and extinguish the flames, ensuring the safety of both the vehicle and nearby infrastructure.

2. Roadside Emergencies

Whether it’s a vehicle collision or a mechanical malfunction leading to a fire, EV fire blankets provide a first line of defense on the road. Easily stored in an electric vehicle, these blankets can be quickly accessed to suppress flames and protect passengers.

4. Electric Vehicle Storage Facilities

Storage facilities for electric vehicles, whether short-term parking or long-term storage, can benefit from the presence of fire blankets. In the event of a fire, these blankets can help contain and control the situation until professional help arrives.

5. Public Transportation EVs

Electric buses and other forms of public transportation using EV technology can benefit from the inclusion of fire blankets. Passengers and operators can use these blankets in case of emergencies, enhancing overall safety.

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