Ensuring Safety on Ferry Boats and Pure Car Carriers: The Importance of Car Fire Blankets

In the maritime industry, safety is key. When transporting vehicles on ferry boats and pure car carriers, using car fire blankets is critical. These specialized blankets, including EV fire blankets and vehicle fire blankets, protect against vehicle fires. This blog explores the importance of car fire blankets in the ferry boat and pure car carriers market, highlighting the benefits and applications of products like the Bridgehill fire blanket.


The Rising Need for Car Fire Blankets

As electric vehicle (EV) transportation grows, effective fire solutions are crucial. Traditional fire extinguishers may not handle vehicle fires well, especially with lithium-ion batteries in EVs. Car fire blankets are vital in these scenarios.

Car Fire Blanket

A car fire blanket is a heavy-duty, fire-resistant blanket designed to smother vehicle fires quickly and effectively. These blankets can withstand high temperatures and prevent the fire from spreading, protecting other vehicles and the vessel itself. On ferry boats and pure car carriers, having car fire blankets readily available is crucial for immediate response to fire incidents.

EV Fire Blanket

Electric vehicles require special consideration due to the potential for battery fires, which can be difficult to extinguish. An EV fire blanket is specifically designed to handle the high temperatures and unique hazards associated with EV fires. By covering the burning vehicle with an EV fire blanket, the fire can be contained, limiting damage and reducing the risk of injury.

Vehicle Fire Blanket

A vehicle fire blanket is a versatile tool that can be used for various types of vehicles, not just EVs. This makes it an essential safety device for ferry boats and pure car carriers that transport a mix of traditional combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicles. The ability to quickly and effectively manage fires in any type of vehicle enhances overall safety on board.

Bridgehill Fire Blanket

The Bridgehill fire blanket is a leading product in the market, known for its effectiveness in managing vehicle fires. Designed for rapid deployment, the Bridgehill fire blanket can cover a burning vehicle in seconds, smothering the fire and preventing it from spreading. This level of protection is invaluable for ferry boats and pure car carriers, where quick action can prevent a disaster.

Benefits of Using Car Fire Blankets on Ferry Boats and Pure Car Carriers

Implementing car fire blankets on ferry boats and pure car carriers offers numerous benefits:

Enhanced Safety

Car fire blankets provide an additional layer of safety, protecting passengers, crew, and other vehicles on board. By containing the fire quickly, these blankets reduce the risk of injury and extensive damage.

Compliance with Safety Regulations

Maritime regulations often require specific safety measures for the transport of vehicles. Using car fire blankets helps ensure compliance with these regulations, demonstrating a commitment to safety and potentially reducing insurance costs.

Operational Continuity

Vehicle fires can lead to significant operational disruptions. By having car fire blankets on hand, ferry operators and car carrier companies can manage fire incidents more effectively, minimizing downtime and maintaining service continuity.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that effective fire suppression tools are readily available provides peace of mind for crew and passengers. This confidence in safety measures can enhance the overall travel experience and foster trust in the ferry or car carrier service.


The importance of car fire blankets, including EV fire blankets, vehicle fire blankets, and specialized products like the Bridgehill fire blanket, cannot be overstated in the ferry boat and pure car carriers market. These essential safety tools provide effective fire suppression, enhance compliance with safety regulations, and ensure the protection of passengers, crew, and vehicles.

At Suihua, we are committed to providing high-quality fire blankets designed to meet the rigorous demands of the maritime industry. Our products are tested for reliability and effectiveness, ensuring you have the best tools available to manage vehicle fires. By integrating car fire blankets into your safety protocols, you can enhance the safety and security of your ferry or car carrier operations. Contact us today to learn more about our range of fire blankets and how they can benefit your business.

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