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Electric vehicle fire blanket 19.8 X 29.5 Ft 6 X 9 m EV car fire blankets For charging station

  • Product Name: Car Fire Blanket
  • Material: 100% Fiberglass + Double Side Silicone Coated
  • Color: Grey or Custom
  • Size: 6*8M、6*9M or Custom
  • Temperature resistance:550℃/1832 F
  • Weight:26kg/57LB(6*8m)、29kg/63.9LB(6*9m)
  • Package: PVC Soft Bag, PP cabinet/box, Carbon steel cabinet
  • Applicable models: All sedans and SUVs

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Suihua Charging Station Car Fire Blanket: Protect Your Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicle fire blanket Overview

The Electric Vehicle (EV) Fire Blanket, measuring 19.8 X 29.5 Ft (6 X 9 m), is a crucial safety tool for EV charging stations and parking facilities. Designed to handle the unique risks associated with electric vehicle fires, this fire blanket offers superior protection, containment, and ease of use.

Key Features

  • Large Coverage: With dimensions of 19.8 X 29.5 Ft, it provides ample coverage for EVs.
  • High-Temperature Resistance: Made from advanced, fire-resistant materials capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.
  • Quick Deployment: Easy to deploy in emergencies, allowing for swift containment of fires.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last, ensuring long-term reliability and effectiveness.

Why Choose Our EV Fire Blanket?

  • Comprehensive Protection: Designed to fully cover electric vehicles, preventing fire spread.
  • Enhanced Safety: Reduces the release of toxic fumes and minimizes the risk of fire reaching nearby vehicles or structures.
  • First Responder Friendly: Provides a safer environment for firefighters and first responders.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for EV charging stations, parking lots, and residential garages.


  • Charging Stations: Ensures safety at EV charging points by quickly containing fires.
  • Parking Facilities: Protects vehicles and infrastructure in parking lots and garages.
  • Residential Use: Provides peace of mind for EV owners by offering protection in home garages.
  • Public Spaces: Suitable for use in public parking areas and transportation hubs.

How to Use

  1. Identify Fire: Ensure the fire is small and manageable.
  2. Deploy Blanket: Unfold and cover the vehicle completely, focusing on the source of the fire.
  3. Secure Blanket: Make sure the blanket is firmly in place to smother the flames.
  4. Monitor: Leave the blanket until the fire is completely out and the vehicle is cool.

Maintenance and Care

  • Regular Inspections: Check the blanket periodically for any signs of wear or damage.
  • Proper Storage: Store in an easily accessible, dry location to ensure readiness.
  • Cleaning: Clean as per manufacturer instructions to maintain effectiveness.

Bridgehill Fire Blanket Comparison

Compared to the Bridgehill Fire Blanket, our product offers equivalent quality and protection, with added benefits of durability and ease of use at competitive pricing.


The Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket is an essential investment for anyone involved in the storage, charging, or maintenance of electric vehicles. Its large size, high heat resistance, and quick deployment make it an invaluable tool for enhancing safety and preventing fire-related damages.

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Prioritize safety with our 19.8 X 29.5 Ft EV Fire Blanket. Perfect for charging stations, parking facilities, and more. Contact us today for more information or to make a purchase. Equip your facility with the best in fire protection and ensure peace of mind with our top-quality EV fire blankets.









  1. What is a car fire blanket?
    • A car fire blanket is a safety device designed to extinguish small fires by cutting off the oxygen supply. It can be used on car engine fires, electrical fires, or to contain and prevent the spread of fire.
  2. How does a car fire blanket work?
    • A car fire blanket works by smothering the fire, which cuts off the oxygen supply that fuels the flames. The blanket is made of fire-resistant materials, such as fiberglass or Kevlar, that can withstand high temperatures.
  3. What are the benefits of using a car fire blanket?
    • The benefits include quick and effective fire suppression, preventing fire spread, reducing smoke and toxic fumes, and providing a safer method for dealing with car fires compared to traditional fire extinguishers.
  4. When should a car fire blanket be used?
    • A car fire blanket should be used during the initial stages of a fire, when it is small and manageable. It is ideal for engine compartment fires, electrical fires, and to contain fires until emergency services arrive.
  5. Can a car fire blanket be reused?
    • Generally, car fire blankets are designed for single-use, especially if they have been exposed to fire. After use, they should be inspected for damage, and if compromised, they should be replaced.
  6. How should a car fire blanket be stored in the vehicle?
    • A car fire blanket should be stored in an easily accessible location within the vehicle, such as the trunk, under a seat, or in a specialized storage compartment. It should be in a quick-release case or bag for rapid deployment.
  7. Are car fire blankets effective on all types of fires?
    • Car fire blankets are most effective on fires involving flammable liquids, such as gasoline and oil, and electrical fires. They are not as effective on fires involving flammable metals or deep-seated fires that have penetrated vehicle structures.
  8. What size of car fire blanket do I need?
    • The size of the fire blanket needed depends on the type and size of the vehicle. Typically, blankets measuring around 1.2 x 1.8 meters (4 x 6 feet) are sufficient for most passenger vehicles. Larger vehicles may require larger blankets.
  9. How do I use a car fire blanket safely?
    • To use a car fire blanket, carefully unfold and hold it by the edges, approach the fire from upwind, and gently place it over the flames to avoid disturbing the fire. Ensure the entire fire area is covered and leave the blanket in place until the fire is completely extinguished.
  10. Do car fire blankets comply with safety standards?
    • Reputable car fire blankets comply with safety standards such as EN 13501 for car fire blankets and should come with certification or testing documentation. Always check for compliance when purchasing a fire blanket.





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