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Suihua Ferry Boat car fire blanket Marine Safety Equipment

  • Product Name: Car Fire Blanket
  • Material: 100% Fiberglass + Double Side Silicone Coated
  • Color: Grey or Custom
  • Size: 6*8M、6*9M or Custom
  • Temperature resistance:550℃/1832 F
  • Weight:26kg/57LB(6*8m)、29kg/63.9LB(6*9m)
  • Package: PVC Soft Bag, PP cabinet/box, Carbon steel cabinet
  • Applicable models: All sedans and SUVs

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Suihua Ferry Boat Fire Blanket: Essential Fire Safety for Marine Transportation

The Suihua ferry boat car fire blanket is essential for marine safety. This high-quality blanket offers superior fire protection on ferry boats. It is ideal for emergency response, ensuring passenger and crew safety.

Key Features

  • High-Temperature Resistance: Made from advanced, fire-resistant materials.
  • Durable Construction: Long-lasting performance in harsh marine environments.
  • Easy Deployment: Handles and straps for quick, efficient use.
  • Multi-Layer Protection: Smothers fires, minimizes toxic gas and smoke release.
  • Electrical Insulation: Protects against electric shock during fire suppression.

Why Choose the Suihua Ferry Boat Car Fire Blanket?

  • Effective Fire Suppression: Contains and extinguishes flames quickly.
  • Safety Assurance: Reduces hazardous fumes, protects passengers and crew.
  • High Quality: Top-grade materials ensure reliable fire protection.
  • User-Friendly: Easy and rapid deployment in emergencies.


  • Ferry Boats: Essential fire protection for vehicles and equipment.
  • Marine Vessels: Suitable for various marine vessels needing fire safety.
  • Port Facilities: Ensures fire safety for vehicles and machinery at terminals.
  • Maritime Transport: Enhances fire safety in passenger and cargo transport.

How to Use

  1. Identify the Fire: Ensure it is small and manageable.
  2. Deploy the Blanket: Hold the handles, cover the affected area completely.
  3. Turn Off Equipment: Disconnect the power source if possible.
  4. Monitor the Area: Keep the blanket in place until the area cools down.

Competitive Comparison: Bridgehill Fire Blanket

Our fire blanket matches the quality of the Bridgehill fire blanket. It ensures high safety and reliability at a more affordable price.


For marine safety professionals and ferry operators, the Suihua ferry boat car fire blanket is the perfect solution. Enhance your safety measures with our reliable and cost-effective fire blankets.

Ferry operators, marine safety managers, and fire fighting equipment importers: Ensure your vessels are equipped for fire emergencies with our high-quality ferry boat car fire blankets. Contact us today to learn more. Visit our website or reach out to our customer support team for more information.

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Enhanced Passenger Safety: By providing a reliable barrier against fire, the Suihua Ferry Boat Fire Blanket helps protect passengers, crew members, and valuable assets onboard ferry boats, ensuring their safety and well-being during transit.

Minimal Disruption to Operations: With its rapid deployment and effective fire suppression capabilities, the Suihua fire blanket minimizes disruption to ferry boat operations, allowing for swift resolution of fire incidents and timely continuation of scheduled voyages.

Compliance with Safety Regulations: The inclusion of the Suihua Ferry Boat Fire Blanket in onboard safety equipment ensures compliance with maritime safety regulations and demonstrates a commitment to maintaining high standards of safety and security for passengers and crew members.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that the Suihua Fire Blanket is readily available onboard ferry boats provides passengers and crew members with peace of mind, reassuring them that effective fire protection measures are in place to address emergency situations.

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Usage Guidelines:

Accessibility: Ensure that the Suihua Fire Blanket is easily accessible in designated locations onboard ferry boats, such as emergency stations or safety equipment storage areas.

Training: Provide crew members and passengers with training on the proper deployment and use of the Suihua Fire Blanket, including instructions for identifying and responding to fire incidents effectively.

Regular Inspections: Conduct regular inspections of the Suihua Fire Blanket to ensure its integrity and functionality, and replace any damaged or expired blankets promptly to maintain readiness for emergency situations.

Emergency Response Protocols: Establish clear emergency response protocols for fire incidents onboard ferry boats, including the designated roles and responsibilities of crew members and passengers in deploying the Suihua Fire Blanket and other safety equipment.



Investing in the Suihua Ferry Boat Fire Blanket is essential for enhancing fire safety and protecting passengers, crew members, and assets onboard ferry boats. With its marine-grade construction, rapid deployment mechanism, and effective fire suppression capabilities, the Suihua Fire Blanket provides invaluable peace of mind and readiness for emergency situations during maritime travel.















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